A significant number of projects underperform expectations or fail completely due to underlying weaknesses in operational process.  Make sure your next project stands on firm foundations.

We have seen first hand the degree to which underlying program issues can diminish the impact of investments.  To ensure companies derive the greatest value from their capital investments, we offer a comprehensive process management review as a critical precursor to any major project.  By identifying and correcting operational process weaknesses first, we create a smoother implementation path while significantly reducing the need for costly modifications down the road.  The result is to ensure that their clients receive the greatest return on their dollar.

Process Management and Improvement

Key Features Include:

  • Current state assessment
  • Process performance evaluation
  • Stakeholder analysis
  • Gap analysis
  • LEAN/Six Sigma methodologies
  • Future state process maps
  • Implementation roadmaps
  • Key performance indicators
  • Change/communication planning

Balfour Management

Solutions, LLC