Balfour Management

Solutions, LLC 

·         Have a vision for your organization but unsure how to get there from your current state?
·         Want to develop a new product, service, or process but need help getting started?
·         Not clear on how your portfolio of work is performing and whether projects are on track and on budget?
·         Recognize inefficiencies in your business but don't know how to drive better performance?
·         Worried about how employees will react to an upcoming change in your organization?

Companies often underestimate the complexity inherent in executing on company initiatives – be it the implementation of a strategic plan, the development of new products or services, process improvement projects, technology implementations, or any effort that has a desired end result.  Managers fall into the trap of identifying high performance employees to manage these critical engagements as their “night job” or realizing too late that high performance employees do not directly translate into high performance project managers.  Flawlessly delivering on an engagement from conception to delivery requires a unique skill set and years of experience.  

Balfour Management Solutions, LLC helps clients translate great ideas into concrete outcomes.  We apply rigorous, proven, customized approaches to addressing business challenges and bring a personalized approach to each engagement, ensuring that the solution fits the problem. We are passionate about what we do and clients trust we will make their jobs easier, their operations more efficient, and their employees more engaged.